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Discover our new range POWER CONNECT® of power cords with adapted & connected lugs. Find all the performance of our power cables SILICOUL® CONNECT, VARPREN® CONNECT et PLASTHERM® CONNECT delivered to the desired length.  

High technology / High performance / Time & Control savings / Customized solution

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Ultra thin & high temperature ceramic wire

Unique in the market , the CERAFIL is a product designed by CGP this low voltage insulated ceramic wire has exceptional properties: lightweight and ultra thin with a high resistance to extreme temperature.

Used for high value applications in the field of aeronautics, space and nuclear (sensor/motor winding, secured element, temperature measurement).

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Discover our new range TWINLINK® of twisted pair controlled impedance. High temperature data bus cables in 4 controlled impedance : 50 Ohms, 75 Ohms, 100 Ohms, 120 Ohms.

Application : electrical connections for data transmission with impedance matching...  

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    CGP SAS - Our new company name and logo

    From April 1st 2018, our company CGP "COMPAGNIE GENERALE DES PLASTIQUES" changes its name to :

    62, route du Coin

    All other legal notices remain identical

    For further information, please contact us

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    New range TWINLINK® of twisted pair controlled impedance

    Discover our new range TWINLINK® twisted pair controlled impedance. These cables have been specially developed for data transmission with impedance matching.

        - High temperature resistance versions -90°C to +260°C

        - 5 controlled impedance: 50Ω, 75Ω, 100Ω, 120Ω

        - in AWG22, AWG24, AWG26

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    CERAFIL - SPACE THRUSTER project LAPLACE laboratory

    Our extra-low voltage CERAFIL electric wire with exceptional properties (minimal dimensions, very light, resistance to extreme temperatures -90°C to > 500°C ...) is used in the PPS-Flex SPACE THRUSTER project for better understanding of Hall effect motors.

    This thruster has been designed by the GREM3 team at the Plasma and Energy Conversion laboratory (LAPLACE, CNRS/University of Toulouse 3/INP Toulouse) with CNES funding.

    Find out more: watch the video > click here

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OMBILIFLEX® High performance multi-function cables

CERAFIL® High temperature miniature ceramic wire

TWINLINK® High temperature databus cables

COAXTHERM® High temperature coaxial cables

MINOROC® High tensile strength synthetic cables

SPIRFLEX® High performance spiral cables

METALTRESSE® Tresse métallique haute performance

POWER CONNECT® High performance metallic braids

SILITUBE®X High performance fireproof sleeve

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