Expertise in special cables


High Performance Special Cables


Thanks to our expertise and total mastery of our electrical cable manufacturing processes, the engineers of our R & D department have developed the OMBILIFLEX® range. Umbilical cables that can combine up to 5 different functions in one single product: Energy, Signal, Fluid, Traction and Flexion.

This range of hybrid and multi-functional cables is designed for 
high-tech sectors such as aeronautics, military, robotics, medical, oil exploration, industry, etc.

A multi-functions product

ENERGY : Power, Control 
Voltage rating: TBT, 100V, 300V, 500V, 750V, 1000V

SIGNAL : data bus, Coaxial, Optic fiber, Thermocouple 
Controlled impedance: 50 à 120 Ohms, Mono/Multi Optic Fiber, Thermocouple type T,K,E,J,N 

FLUID : Pneumatic or Hydraulic 

TRACTION : By rush or braid
Traction resistance of 10 daN to 6000 daN

Use in motion


A team of experienced engineers are dedicated for your projects. They have all recognized skills in metallurgy, plastics processing, electromagnetic compatibility, micromechanics, data transmission, ect.

They will give you a fast and precise response by developing an OMBILIFLEX® which be composed of power cables, twisted pairs, coaxial cables, tubes, optical fibers, shielding, ect... A unique product studied for your specific need and use.

Control, tests and fiability

At every stage of development, OMBILIFLEX® cables are tested to guarantee a high level of quality and meet your requirements. Our internal laboratory is equipped to test and validate the mechanical, chemical, electrical and fire behaviour of your cable.

Physical tests: Thermal shocks, accelerated aging, very high temperature, humid heat, cold, salt spray corrosion...

Mechanical tests: Torsion, bending, winding, unwinding, tensile strength, elongation at break, impact resistance, pressure resistance...

Chemical tests: Oil, solvent, hydrocarbon, acid, base resistance…

Electrical tests: Insulation resistance, linear resistance, voltage resistance, shielding efficiency, controlled impedance, capacitance...

Fire tests: Flame & fire retardant, self-extinguishing, fire resistance (tests according to NF, EN, UL, FAR standards…)


all the functions are combined in one cable

Specific study of your need for a adapted solution