C.G.P has numerous product ranges compliant with French and international standards. The distinctive feature of our group is its authentic expertise in the development of special umbilical cables for numerous industrial uses.

We have in-house laboratories at group level for developing, testing and validating the mechanical, chemical, electric and fire resistance behaviour of our products.

C.G.P is ISO 9001 certified and EN 9100 certified for the aeronautics, defence and space markets.

> Dowload our BUREAU VERITAS ISO 9001 certificate

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C.G.P is a leading manufacturer of high performance special cables "Umbilical, Hybrid, Multi-fuctions cable" for high added value industries like aeronautics, defence, space, nuclear, robotics, machine tools, energy ...

All our production is 100% French. All our cables are made in our plants from raw materials selected by our technical teams to ensure optimal behaviour of our products.

Mastery of the entire manufacturing process: